our promise



We know it's a very hard time for everyone and we wanted to provide you with a hygiene promise;


In making our food and dealing with customers and suppliers we will do 

everything possible to ensure our meals are both hygienic and fresh.


We will do this by;

  • Ensuring all dealings with any member of the public are using gloves 

  • Ensuring all staff have their temperature taken 2 times per day (we will log our daily temperatures

  • Ensuring all staff use hand sanitizer each time before they prepare food

  • The slightest sign of a cold, any staff member will not be allowed in the building

  • All home delivery meals are made wearing masks and gloves (Dave and Nicole to confirm this ok)

  • Contactless Delivery if requested (we will text you when delivered) 

  • Delivery to you by a Bird staff member

These might seem like extreme measures, but now, of all times, we need to do more to earn your trust. Because like many of you, we have young children and we understand how nervous everyone is at the moment. We are too.


I hope you'll support us during this time, and we will do everything in our power to provide you with delicious and healthy food that is both fresh and hygienic!



Dave and Nicole